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Poetry.com welcomes all amateur poets and invites you to participate in the world’s largest and most vibrant poetry community.

Our community is built on the belief that poetry is a powerful form of creative self expression and that each person deserves to share their own personal message with the world.

It will be exciting for you to receive comments and feedback from the millions of people who will read your poetry on this site. In this regard, we hope that you will honor a simple pledge: For each poem you post to the community, please review two poems that have been written by your fellow poets.

By taking this pledge, you will be insuring that all of us receive the valuable feedback and comments that we find so rewarding. Please note that you will also be rewarded with twice as many points for reviewing a poem as you will be for writing one. These bonus points reflect how valuable your personal feedback is to the members of our community!

The Old Poetry.com Archive is Back!!!

If you submitted poems to poetry.com in the past, we are pleased to tell you this Archive has now been restored and available for your enjoyment. Simply click on “Archived Poems” and then search for your previously written poems.

Once you locate your poem, you may submit it for reviews and comments with our community. You will immediately earn a special “Hall of Fame” badge that is available only to poets that contributed poems to the old Archive. Restoring the Archive was a massive project but we think you will agree it was well worth the wait! We thank you for your patience.

Poetry.com is Here to Stay!

We apologize that poetry.com was temporarily unavailable. The previous administrators insisted that the site be discontinued when they decided to leave. We hope you agree that this latest update is a major improvement. We understand that poetry.com is your community. In this regard, we want to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions that you may have to make poetry.com the most exciting place in the world to share poetry.