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About Me and My Poetry

Highest respect to all... No disrespect to anyone... So remain at peace and peace will be unto you...The wisdom that blows in the wind passes those without strength. A gain in knowledge shall be your reward.

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About My Poem

Don't give up that is not your
\Did you give up while raising
... continued
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Within my heart and my soul, my sister has made me whole.
\ My sister, you keep my spirits up, and the anger level down.
That's why it is a plesure to always have you around.
... continued
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Part of me is charcoal black, my soul is sometimes very dark.It's deep like a tunnel, with lots of secrets within.
Holding back and hostile is how my day would began.
\- The other half of me is a bright yellow, I shine among my friends.-
... continued
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Have you ever noticed how precious a child can be? Just can't wait until he's old enough to do exactly what his little eyes see.
Not knowing the difference between right or wrong.Understand and learn the words from mommy to him in his personal song.
Take your time and raise him right.
... continued
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Now, I pray to my Lord today
to keep me safe and lead the way.
The way to my guidinglight.
... continued
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The pink ribbon reminds me of something painful you see.
It holds the memories of what was taken from me.
\It reminds me of that day; my mother was taken away.
"I love you" are the last words she will ever hear me say.
\The ribbon represents the shadow of a ghost.
In my mother''s case her breast was the host.
\As her days grew short with no answer in sight.
I would have given up my life it would have helped her win her fight.
\To win the fight to carry on another day,
And to also grow old and watch her grandchildren play.
\Each stage of the disease much more painful than the last.
Wanting and waiting for all of it to past.
\There is a very small chance that anyone will beat this beast.
After the last treatment she could barely stand on her own
Much less enjoy an elaborate feast.
\So when I see this ribbon it brings back all the pain.
My eyes begin to water, and down my face comes the rain.
\You ask me to wear this day after day,
But I can''t because the heart stands in my way.
\How much can I do to prepare?
What difference is made because of the ribbon I wear?
None that my eyes can see my mother''s still not here to hold and comfort me
\I weep for all the pain she had to bare.
I weep for all the days that we weill never share.
\All because of a puzzle with no answer. A puzzle we all know as cancer.

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A home wreckers job is to steal my place.
To make my man see her when he looks in my face.
\The nerve of her to crush my world.
Playing the games of a twelve year old girl.
\I am not any better than she was.
Trying to get back at them just because...
\I have no right to judge anyone.
How could I have ever thought of allowing my
fingerprints to be found on the loaded gun.
\The gun that kills this love and turns it in
to a scene.
If only I had taken the time to see that
whole situation wasn't all that keen.
All I had to do was step to the side, and
allow the good Lord to do his thing.

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The sun shines bright within your eyes.
With the power of love and the words of the wise.
\Absorbing your whole being.
Giving strength and love a whole new meaning.
\Place your heart in the palm of my hand.
Prepare to take a lovely trip to a promise land.

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