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About Me and My Poetry

My name is shane you either love me or you hate me same goes for my poetry i dont wanna get famous for my poems like some fame hugry people do

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About My Poem

Theirs darkness in the sky by night
the street lights are shining bright
cars On the road showing their light .
... continued
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Catch a falling star
Never let it go
Keep it close to heart To make the love Glow Catch a falling star Remember me forever
Keep that star close >Will keep us together Catch a falling star I will send it from above This is to show you I appriciate your love Catch a falling star So i am always here Keep it safe or hold it Please just keep me near Catch a falling star I know it was hard to do You let me go now i know How much i mean to you Catch a falling star Dont worry you can cry You only said goodnight to me Not a goodbye Catch a falling star Remember my name My eternal life i have s your eternal flame
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I Can see your footprints
I know you are hear
not to scare or frighten me
... continued
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I am a fallen Hero
And i have to fight to the end
I am brave to get back up again
And help a dear friend

My bullets keep flowing
And my work is never done
For this day to the next day
I will have a loaded gun

I am a fallen hero
And my commarads are my Strength
They help me keep the world safe
And we go to every lenght

You think its easy killing people
Seeing your colleauges and friends die
Sometime its hard to shed a tear
But us soldiers are allowed to cry

I have my family to think about
Thats enough to keep me sane 
Its all worth it in the end
But the pain is hard to gain

I wont give up fighting
I will use all the strength ive got
Even if it takes it out of me
I will use the whole lot

I am here to keep you safe
And save you from any harm
I will help to keep the world at peace
And use my every charm

I like to be a winner
And want to be on top
And if that means keeping peace
Then the fighting will not stop

My armour is my shield
It protects me from defeat
But aslong as i get back up
It will keep me on my feet

Its a hard decision To make
Haveing a soldier as a career
Its all i know and one i love
To me its is so dear

Its helps me to look after my family
And gives them some support
Thats me done for now
And all i will report

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Iam so exited
I want to scream and shout
Tell the world my good News
... continued
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I'm setting you free I said to the bee As I opened my window wide
You have acres of sky in which you can fly So why do you come inside
Though your such a Small thing
... continued
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I woke up one morning
And saw that you where gone
You must of slipped away so quick
Like a second to none

I am not gonna cry just yet
Nor will i even weep
I will wait untill i am all alone
Or Before i go to sleep

I cannot belive your gone
It happened so sudden
Go and dance with the other angles
God has taken a good un

I will find life harder
Now your not hear
I wont have anyone to advise me
By wispering in my ear

I know the place you have gone
You will be at your best
Your always hear in my heart
As i lay you down to Rest

I must be tough
By keeping it together
Making sure people never forget
As your memory will live forever

I think its time you spread your wings
Go to that sky light
Good by forever Friend
As i say Good night

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... continued
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The windows gleam the item shine
The manaqines Look pretty
I must stop thinking about shopping
... continued
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